The Sea, The Sea

July 25, 2010

There’s a lot more green and a lot less ‘luminous blue’  in the original, but I cannot get a better shot of ‘The Sea, The Sea’, so here it is.

5 Responses to “The Sea, The Sea”

  1. Yeah, I know, right?
    Even sadder: this actually only happened because Chinky and I were really bored and decided to each draw something. And to make sure we actually did, we decided on a deadline, by which, whoever hadn’t completed it would have to go around telling people how awesome the other person was (which was a GREAT propellant in my case, because, really? Who wants to do that? xD)

  2. […] idea was: I’ve done paintings that predominantly feature the primary colors, blue and yellow (also green, but that’s secondary–pun!). So of course, I wanted to finish […]

  3. Murtuza said

    This is brilliant! You guys should do drawing challenges more often. 😉

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