September 2, 2011

As fun as a lopsided house seems, I guess it’s a good thing I’m not studying to be a civil engineer.

6 Responses to “Painting#2”

  1. starrypiscean said

    Wat is /lopsided/?
    (Troll self is FUN!)

  2. starrypiscean said

    I is not knowing what that meaning. But because i am troll not meaning you can be race ist. I am human sapien too.


    P.S: The painting be awesomes!

    • Your FACE be aweso– oh, wait. That’s not an insult, is it?


      P.S.: Merci! Vous avez augmente mes (page views) d’une seule main. C’est bien-fait!

      ( OK, I really need to find that French/English dictionary again. Pretty sure bien-fait is only poor literal translation. And most of the rest, too.)

  3. starrypiscean said

    “Thank you! You have increased my (page views) with one hand. It is well-done!”

    That’s the literal translation. XD!

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