Behind the scenes

July 8, 2012

Man, this never gets old.

Pretty much the best thing about blogging (particularly when your audience refuses to leave you comments–I’m looking at you!) is having access to the behind-the-scenes stuff: the blog statistics and search terms and so forth. It will just never stop being amazing to me that someone in Poland or Greece or Croatia (which I’m not even sure I can locate on a map!) or Ireland! ( I have an irrational fondness for all things Irish) is sitting around, looking at… this!

Blog visitor map

(Sidenote: Fuzzy, are you promoting my stuff in Singapore? I don’t think it was quite up there a couple of weeks back.)

The search-term information is great, also, because I get to learn what it is that appeals to people who are not even looking for my blog in particular. And sometimes, it’s indicative of people who are, in fact, looking to find it again. Which is ridiculous and awesome. There are those too, that are just hilarious and/or confusing ( ‘best top falawars’, for instance, is a recurring search term, for reasons beyond my understanding.).

Anyhow, if you’re reading this, hello and welcome and thanks for stopping by! And if you have a minute, leave me a comment because it will totally make my day.