Well, this is where all the pieces that do not make me want to:

1)never again pick up the paint brush


2) reside in my bin


3) both

  go to stay until I forget my username and/or password.

Comments and criticism much appreciated.



I just realized that point#2 suggests that my paintings sometimes make me want to reside in a bin, whereas what I was going for was that some of my paintings reside in the bin. This version is funnier and also (more disturbingly) somewhat accurate, so I’m just going to leave that up. 😉

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Nanditha said

    BIN! head sticking out???? =P

  2. nandhini said

    will kick u

  3. You should totes live in a bin. HIDE!

    Also! Why on earth was I not following your awesome canvas of awesome? This need more publicity, I tells ya.

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